Good Fellows

Frequently Asked

The GOOD Fellows Initiative (Global Order of Outstanding Disruptors) is a unique platform founded by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute Foundation (SWFI Foundation) that recognizes and honors global
disruptors and innovators in the wealth management industry. It’s a revolutionary shift in the global wealth paradigm, serving as a network of illustrious thought leaders committed to innovation, transparency,
and social responsibility.

An ideal GOOD Fellow is an individual who, through relentless innovation and unwavering integrity, shapes the contours of global wealth. They should have a clear record of achievement in their respective field, marked by innovation, integrity, and a commitment to societal advancement. We encourage individuals from various sectors within the wealth management industry, including but not limited to investment strategy, sustainability, financial technology, corporate governance, and societal impact, to apply.

The Good Fellows Award serves as a beacon of excellence in global wealth thought leadership. By nominating someone for the GOOD Fellow Award, you help recognize and validate their outstanding
contributions to the field of wealth management, reinforcing their credibility and influence in the industry.

Selected GOOD Fellows become part of a global, diverse community of disruptors and innovators aiming to redefine global wealth as a catalyst for sustainable growth and shared prosperity. They get an opportunity to share their ideas through a self-curated journal, and gain access to professional coaching, media training, and a network of global peers.

The active participation in the GOOD Fellows Initiative spans a year. However, we believe in the adage “Once a Fellow, always a Fellow.” We anticipate that GOOD Fellows will remain engaged and continue to contribute to the community beyond their active year.

While we recognize the importance of team contributions, the GOOD Fellows Initiative is designed to acknowledge individual efforts and impacts on the wealth management industry. Therefore, only individuals can apply. However, we encourage a representative from the team to apply or individuals to apply separately, detailing their unique contribution to the team’s work.

The GOOD Fellows Initiative is driven by a vision to recognize and foster talent in the global wealth sector. The initiative aims to spotlight the crucial contributions of individuals and groups that are leading the way in innovation, resilience, and sustainable growth, inspiring others to aspire to similar heights.

We are motivated by the belief that acknowledging and supporting excellence in the global wealth sector can stimulate further progress, innovation, and positive social impact. We aim to foster an environment of acknowledgment, learning, and collaboration, promoting growth and excellence in the sector.

The GOOD Fellows Initiative is a comprehensive program that includes an annual awards ceremony to honor top contributors in the global wealth sector, as well as ongoing activities such as mentorship programs, forums, and panel discussions. Laureates are granted the privilege to use the Good Fellows Award title and emblem in their personal branding and promotional materials.

While the main award ceremony is an annual event, the Good Fellows Initiative is an ongoing program that includes continuous activities throughout the year. It includes a rolling nomination mechanism for continuous acknowledgment of outstanding contributions at any time of the year.

The main award ceremony takes place at a prestigious and carefully chosen venue that reflects the importance of the Good Fellows Initiative. Other activities related to the initiative, such as mentorship programs, forums, and panel discussions, may take place in various locations or online.

The initiative is meticulously organized, with a rigorous nomination and selection process, a well-structured award ceremony, and ongoing activities aimed at promoting excellence and fostering networking and collaboration. The Good Fellows Initiative operates under strict protocols for fairness, inclusion, privacy, and representation.

The Good Fellows Initiative is focused on the global wealth sector, aiming to recognize and foster excellence in this particular field. The award laureates could be individuals, organizations, or initiatives that have made significant contributions to the global wealth sector.

The Good Fellows Initiative is designed to foster excellence and positive social impact in the global wealth sector. By recognizing and supporting outstanding contributions, the initiative can inspire others in the sector to strive for similar excellence. Additionally, the program’s ongoing activities provide platforms for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, further promoting innovation and growth in the sector. It also reinforces the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and fairness in the sector by upholding strict quotas and promoting these values in all aspects of the initiative.

Both individuals and organizations in the global wealth industry are eligible to propose candidates for the Good Fellows Award. Proposers must adhere to established guidelines, which include detailed information about the candidate and clear evidence of their outstanding contributions.

Eligibility for the Good Fellows Award is open to individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the global wealth landscape. Candidates must demonstrate a clear record of achievement in their respective field, marked by innovation, integrity, and a commitment to societal advancement. They should also have a consent to their nomination and agree to comply with the award’s rules and guidelines.

Supporting documents such as research papers, project reports, media coverage, testimonials, and impact assessments that are authentic, current, and relevant to the candidate’s contributions should be included in the nomination. These documents serve as evidence of the candidate’s contributions to the wealth management industry.

The Selection Committee comprises esteemed individuals from diverse sectors of the wealth industry, academia, and society who uphold the vision of the GOOD Fellows Initiative. They are responsible for evaluating nominations, conducting a fair and unbiased selection process, and ensuring adherence to the initiative’s ethical standards.

Candidates are evaluated based on a set of pre-determined appraisal criteria, including their contribution to the wealth management industry, innovative thinking, societal impact, and alignment with the initiative’s vision. A comprehensive scoring system is used to quantify candidates’ achievements, ensuring a transparent and unbiased selection process.

Post-evaluation, the Selection Committee enters into a deliberation phase, discussing the merits of each candidate in depth. The decision-making mechanism is consensus-based, with all members having an equal voice. The committee ensures that every decision made upholds the integrity and vision of the GOOD Fellows Initiative.

Once the laureates are finalized, a formal announcement is made to the public. The protocol for the announcement prioritizes respect and recognition for the laureates, highlighting their achievements and contribution to global wealth. All stakeholders, including the laureates, nominators, and media, are informed in a timely and organized manner.

The award ceremony is meticulously planned and executed to uphold the prestige of the Good Fellows Award. Every logistical detail, from inviting guests and organizing transport to setting the stage for the grand event, is given significant consideration to ensure a memorable event for all attendees.

The venue chosen for the award ceremony reflects the prestige and importance of the Good Fellows Initiative. It is prepared with attention to aesthetics, functionality, and comfort, creating an ambience fitting for this illustrious event.

The award ceremony follows a well-structured itinerary, which includes speeches, presentations, award granting, and networking opportunities. The schedule is designed to ensure a meaningful and enjoyable event for all participants.

Laureates are expected to follow a protocol during their acceptance of the award, which includes a formal acknowledgement and a short speech. This protocol is designed to honor their accomplishments and give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences.

Laureates are given the privilege of using the Good Fellows Award title and emblem in their personal branding and promotional materials. However, they must adhere to the specific guidelines provided, ensuring that the usage of the title and emblem is in line with the initiative’s vision and purpose.

Laureates of the Good Fellows Award are expected to uphold the values and objectives of the initiative. They should continue to contribute positively to the global wealth sector, and commit to participate in initiative- related activities, such as mentorship programs, forums, or panel discussions.

Yes, the Good Fellows Initiative is committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment. We adhere to strict quotas for women and other underrepresented groups, ensuring they are appropriately represented in every aspect of the initiative, from nominations to leadership roles. We also encourage diversity in all its forms, including inclusive policies and cultural competence training.

Yes, we have implemented a rolling nomination mechanism to acknowledge outstanding contributions at any time of the year, allowing for continuous recognition of talent and achievement.

We are committed to ensuring fairness, transparency, and privacy throughout the nomination and selection process. All decisions are made objectively, and all personal data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

Our media relations and publicity plan involves promoting the Good Fellows Initiative through various channels, including press releases, social media, and partner networks, to ensure wide reach and visibility. We also uphold consistent branding and communication norms and maintain an engaging online presence.

All award-related materials, including branding, logo, and awarded works (where applicable), are the property of the SWFI Foundation. We establish clear guidelines on the use and reproduction of these materials to prevent unauthorized use.

GOOD FELLOWS in a non profit initiaitve funded by the SWFI foundation and it shall remain non profit in perpetuity and it will be financed by SWFI Foundation.

The mission of the GOOD Fellows Initiative is to foster talent, innovation, and excellence in the global wealth sector. By recognizing and promoting extraordinary contributions, the initiative aims to inspire further growth, sustainability, and positive societal impact within the industry.

Through recognizing and promoting leaders in sustainable and responsible investment, the initiative contributes to the wider adoption of sustainable practices in the wealth management industry. The platform also encourages dialogue, cooperation, and learning around sustainability issues.

Individuals and organizations can get involved in various ways. They can nominate deserving candidates for the Good Fellows Award, participate in initiative-related events and activities, offer sponsorship or partnerships, or volunteer in various capacities to support the initiative.