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Good Fellows Awards

Hall of GOOD Fellows

GWC London
GWC London
May 2024
February 2024

Nayef Falah Al-Hajraf

H.E Dr Nayef Falah

India General Service Medal

Ruston Smith


British Campaign Medal

David-Pitt Watson


King George V, India General Service Medal (1919)

Jen Jones

Dr. Jen Jones

Victorian Egypt Medal

Baroness Kay Swinburne Profile

Baroness Kay

British General Service Medal

H.H. Brahmavihari

Elizabeth Africa General Service Medal (1902-56)

H.R.H. Prince
Ebrahim Sanyang of Gambia

Egypt Medal (1882-89)


Queen’s South Africa Medal


George Ⅴ Afghanistan Northwest Frontier Medal (1919)

GWC London
GWC London
May-June 2023
SWFI FORT-North America <br/> Dallas, Texas
SWFI FORT-North America
Dallas, Texas
October 2023
North America Block <br/>Chain Summit, Texas
North America Block
Chain Summit, Texas
November 2023

Lord Meghnad Desai

Queen’s South Africa Medal (1899)

Vivek Anand Oberoi

Waziristan British India General Service Medal (1901)

Jitendra Bissessur

The Crimea Medal December (1854)

OBE Matthew Hurn

Queen’s South Africa Medal (1899)

Lord Mayor Nicholas Lyons

Africa General Service Medal (1902)

David Papazian

Africa General Service Medal (1902)

H. E. Udaya Indrarathna

The General Service Medal (1962)

Abdurehman Eid Tahir

Waziristan British India General Service Medal - Border Regiment (1919 - 21)

M. Cornejo

Elizabeth Africa Genral Service Medal (1902-56)


Egypt Medal (1882-89)


King’s South Africa Medal


King George Ⅴ Medal (1916-19)


India Service Medal (1939-45)


George Kaisar Hind Afghanistan North West Frontier Medal (1919)

Alejandra Guajardo

Queen’s South Africa Medal (1902)


Elizabeth Dei Gracia Regina F. D. Medal (1952-62)

Class of 2024

Good Fellows Awards

About Awards

The Medal of Honours The Essence of History, Valor, and Commitment

The GOOD Fellows Awards are distinguished by the bestowal of prestigious medals with profound historical significance. These medals encapsulate enduring values and principles that resonate deeply with the missions of the GOOD Fellows, symbolizing their unwavering dedication, inventive spirit, and resilience in navigating the intricate terrains of global wealth. With a rich historical lineage, these esteemed awards stand as an embodiment of excellence within the global wealth ecosystem.

Beyond their ornate appearance, these medals serve as unique tokens of recognition, underscoring the exceptional commitment, innovation, and determination required to navigate the complexities of the contemporary wealth landscape. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the medals not only carry the weight of history but also encapsulate the essence of the GOOD Fellows’ pursuit of excellence.

These exclusive accolades pay tribute to courageous spirits, forward-thinking visionaries, and catalysts of positive change who are reshaping the boundaries of wealth, innovation, and societal advancement. In essence, the uniqueness of these medals lies not only in their historical roots but also in their embodiment of the values and principles championed by the exceptional individuals they honor.

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Award Categories

Honouring Excellence Across Spectrums

Our awards are categorized to reflect the diversity and multifaceted nature of global wealth:




Excellence in



Good Fellows Awards

Nomination Process

Your Nomination, Their Legacy

Anyone can nominate a trailblazer for a GOOD Fellows Award. Help us recognize the deserving.

Spotlight on Trailblazers

The GOOD Fellows Awards are designed to recognize a diverse spectrum of individuals who have, in their unique ways, championed the cause of positive global change. From every corner of the globe and across various sectors, our recipients reflect the myriad ways in which influence and wealth can be channeled for the greater good. Here’s a glimpse into the type of luminaries we seek to honor:

Business Magnates

Entrepreneurs and industry titans who’ve not only scaled the heights of the corporate world but have also ensured their businesses drive positive societal impact. Whether through sustainable practices, philanthropy, or innovation, they’ve made a mark.


Those who’ve dedicated significant portions of their wealth to causes close to their heart, creating foundations or initiatives that have a lasting impact on communities and ecosystems.

Innovators &
Thought Leaders

Individuals who’ve introduced groundbreaking ideas or technologies that promise to reshape our future. They are the thinkers, the disruptors, the pioneers of tomorrow.

Educators & Academics

Scholars, teachers, and academic leaders who have imparted knowledge while also driving societal change. They’ve used education as a tool to enlighten minds, foster innovation, and create a ripple effect of positive transformation in communities.

Social Entrepreneurs

Leaders who’ve blended business acumen with societal needs, creating enterprises that solve pressing challenges while being economically sustainable.

Celebrities & Artists

Those in the entertainment and arts sectors who’ve used their platform to shed light on pressing issues, advocate for change, or mobilize resources for charitable endeavors. Their reach goes beyond the screen or stage, touching lives in profound ways.

Sports Personalities

Athletes and sports icons who’ve transcended the game to become ambassadors of change, be it through charitable foundations, educational initiatives, or community upliftment projects.


Champions of the earth who’ve made it their mission to promote sustainable practices, conservation efforts, and the overall betterment of our planet.

Young Changemakers

The youth who, despite their age, have shown an exceptional commitment to driving change, be it in their local communities or on a global scale.

In essence, the GOOD Fellows Award is not limited by profession, age, or region. It seeks to recognize any individual who, with their actions and intent, embodies the spirit of positive disruption and has made it their mission to leave the world better than they found it. If you or someone you know fits this description, the GOOD Fellows platform is where their story deserves to be told and celebrated.

Good Fellows Awards

Selection and Onboarding

Journey to the Pinnacle

Our selection process is rigorous and transparent, ensuring that only the most deserving individuals ascend to the rank of a GOOD Fellows.



Nominations are evaluated based on impact, innovation, and alignment with our values.


The Selection Committee, comprising eminent personalities, chooses the awardees.



Awardees are inducted as GOOD Fellows and prepare for the award ceremony.


Post Selection

A GOOD Fellow’s journey doesn’t end with the award; it begins anew.

We ensure a continuous feedback loop, engaging our fellows in various initiatives, conversations, and programs.

Good Fellows Awards


Where Stars Align

Be a part of the upcoming GOOD Fellows Awards ceremony – a night of honor, inspiration, and celebration.

Good Fellows Awards

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Join us in Celebrating and Empowering the Stewards of Change

The GOOD Fellows

Award Ceremony

Awardee Profile Display

A GOOD Fellow’s journey and achievements will be showcased through a short video or detailed profile with high-resolution photographs, highlighting her/his path to excellence.


A GOOD Fellow will receive a unique medal of historical significance, connecting her/him symbolically to legendary figures. The medal’s history will be recounted alongside a GOOD Fellow’s award citation.


A 15-minute interactive dialogue between the GOOD Fellow and SWFI Chairman, Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, delving into her/his vision and experiences, emphasizing the importance of leveraging wealth and influence for the greater good.