GOOD Fellows AWARD Recipient, 2023
GOOD Fellows #2023

“David Papazian is the herald of an emerald dawn. His unwavering strides toward sustainability represent the hope of a greener Earth. He is the personification of the GOOD Fellows’ commitment to responsible and sustainable growth, and a testament to the profound impact one can make.”

Lakshmi Narayanan,
Chairman, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

When one reflects upon the architects of modern Armenia’s progress and sustainable wealth creation, David Papazian’s name resounds with prominence and respect. As the Chief Executive Ocer of the Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF) and the Chairman of the Board of Fly Arna, Armenia’s national airline, David Papazian has been a cornerstone in nation-building initiatives that both look toward the skies and ground themselves in harnessing the power of nature.

Mr. Papazian’s tenure at ANIF is painted with an unyielding commitment to sustainable development. Under his astute leadership, ANIF has metamorphosed into an engine driving the nation’s growth, with particular emphasis on investment in renewable energy.

The epitome of this commitment is manifest in the “Aig-1” project, which stands as Armenia’s largest solar energy initiative. Through Aig-1, Papazian has not only tapped into the the abundance of the sun but has also illuminated a path for generations to tread – a path that harmonizes progress with the preservation of our planet. What sets David Papazian apart is a multifaceted approach to nation-building.

His involvement with Fly Arna, as the Chairman of the Board signifies another dimension of his vision – to see Armenia rises and connects with the world. This endeavor goes beyond mere transport; it is about the exchange of ideas, culture, and opportunities, ultimately enriching the Armenian heritage and economy.

David Papazian’s commendable initiatives are rooted in the idea of sustainable wealth creation. For him, true wealth is not merely an accumulation of financial resources but the conscientious stewardship of those resources for the greater good.

His leadership encompasses not only economic acumen but also an unwavering devotion to the principles of environmental sustainability. He epitomizes a modern leader who understands that the the true measure of wealth lies in the well-being of communities and the nurturing of the environment.