H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim
Sanyang of Gambia

Development Economist
Diplomat & Bilateral Trade Negotiator Investor
Environmentalist & Philanthropist

GOOD Fellows AWARD Recipient, 2024
GOOD Fellows #2024

“H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim Sanyang’s unwavering commitment to preserving cultural heritage, driving economic development, and advocating sustainability sets a remarkable standard for global leadership and community empowerment.”

Lakshmi Narayanan,
Chairman, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim is a Development Economist, with specialized expertise including Cross-border Investments, Strategy and Intelligence, Risk, Security, and Settlements; Market and Economic Analysis. He successfully led numerous structuring advisory deals in major international development projects financing, public sector enterprise reforms (divestitures, divestment, and privatization); public policy and management (public services and public administration). He is a mandated development Economist and Sovereign Government Advisor serving numerous African Governments, Multi-laterals, Multinationals, and NGOs.

He is a diplomat and bilateral trade negotiator.

As an Africa-focused investor and markets financier, His Royal Highness Prince Ebrahim also serves as chairman and sits on the boards of several companies across Africa with interests spanning agriculture and agribusiness, aviation, commodities, financial services, retail, sports, infrastructure, media, transport and logistics, oil and gas sector, marine, manufacturing, and real estate

His Royal Highness is a precocious Environmentalist and a keen Philanthropist impacting communities and livelihoods not only in Gambia but across the African Continent.

H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim chairs various charitable foundations in Africa. He founded The Prince Ebrahim Future Africa Foundation (PEFAF) an Africa Focused Charitable Foundation whose aim is to uplift and instill in the African people a spirit of self-sufficiency and self-reliance by empowering communities with the tools, knowledge, skills, and resources needed to excel and live a dignified make a better and independent living.


H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim is the Chief Patron of The Royal Koring Council; a Manden (Manding) heritage, cultural, and historic restoration society of the Korings of the Mali and Kaabu Empire. He is the Chairman of the Board of Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation. H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim is the Eminent Chancellor of the Consular and Diplomatic Services University (Ghana); the Patron of the International Youth Diplomacy Conference as well as the Confederation of West African Youths etc.

H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim Sanyang’s commitment to preserving the Soninke Royal Realm’s cultural heritage is remarkable. As a strategic development economist, his counsel shapes Africa’s economic landscape, driving growth across sectors like agriculture and infrastructure. Through the Prince Ebrahim Future Africa Foundation, he empowers communities, emphasizing self-sufficiency and dignity. His advocacy for sustainability underscores the need for balanced development. Engaging in international diplomacy, including his membership at Chatham House, H.R.H. Prince Sanyang fosters global cooperation and understanding. His multifaceted leadership enhances diplomatic relations and enriches global discourse, marking him as a distinguished global thinker and leader.

Congratulations to H.R.H. Prince Ebrahim Sanyang for this well-deserved recognition!