Lord Mayor
Nicholas Lyons


GOOD Fellows AWARD Recipient, 2023
GOOD Fellows #2023

“Lord Mayor Nicholas Lyons, a veritable steward of London’s rich financial heritage, stands as the vanguard of prosperity. His stewardship marries tradition with innovation, embodying the values we hold dear at GOOD Fellows – an unyielding dedication to economic progress in harmonious balance with legacy.”

Lakshmi Narayanan,
Chairman, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

At the helm of one of the world’s most venerated and historic financial epicenters, Lord Mayor Nicholas Lyons has assumed a mantle that dates back over 800 years. As the 694th Lord Mayor of London, he occupies an once steeped in tradition, yet his vision is unequivocally directed towards a future of economic innovation, sustainability, and global collaboration.

Lord Mayor Nicholas Lyons’ position is one of immense responsibility and influence. His engagements span continents as he leads business delegations across borders, forging stronger ties between the City of London and the global economic community. With every handshake, every dialogue, and every policy advocacy, he exemplifies the spirit of partnership that is crucial to the development and prosperity of nations. One of his cardinal pursuits has been to champion the UK’s financial and professional services industry.

Through judicious engagement with the government representatives and stakeholders, he ensures that London’s voice is heard and its interests are represented. But his advocacy goes beyond the borders of the City; he is a torchbearer for the UK’s position as a global investment hub and a nexus of economic opportunities.

Sustainable growth and prosperity lie at the heart of Lord Mayor Nicholas Lyons’ mission. In a rapidly evolving global landscape, he recognizes the necessity of adaptable and sustainable practices. His emphasis on forging not just economic, but ethical and environmentally-conscious bonds, reflects the zeitgeist of a new era.