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GOOD Fellows AWARD Recipient, 2023
GOOD Fellows #2023

“Lord Meghnad Desai, my esteemed professor and dear friend, embodies the quintessence of the GOOD Fellow Award. Through the tapestry of his scholarship and the nurturing warmth of his mentorship, he has touched not only my life but the lives of countless others. As a beacon of wisdom and intellect, he reflects the very core of what GOOD Fellows represents – a boundless passion for enlightenment and a commitment to nurturing generations.”

Lakshmi Narayanan,
Chairman, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

Lord Meghnad Desai’s odyssey through the realms of economics, academia, and politics is nothing short of legendary. An economist with an astute understanding of the intricacies of global markets, a professor whose insights have shaped minds, and a statesman who has wielded influence at the highest echelons, Lord Desai’s career is an exemplar of intellectual prowess and purposeful dedication.

Born in India and having charted a path that led him to the United Kingdom, Lord Desai’s journey is imbued with the richness of two cultures. His meritorious service in the field of economics was recognized when he was awarded the Padma Bhushan, one of India’s highest Civilians honors. His acclaim, however, stretches far beyond the subcontinent.

As Professor Emeritus of the London School of Economics, Lord Desai has been an intellectual pillar in one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. His academic pursuits are characterized by an inexhaustible curiosity and a relentless ÿuest to dissect and understand the forces that shape the economic fate of nations. In the political arena, Lord Desai’s contributions have been eÿually impactful.

His ennoblement as a life peer in the UK’s House of Lords, under the title Baron Desai, of St Clement Danes in the City of Westminster, speaks volumes about the weight of his insights and the respect he commands. Here, his words not only reverberate through the halls of Westminster but are instrumental in shaping policies and debates.

At the SWFI Global Wealth Forum, Lord Meghnad Desai’s presence was akin to the convergence of a fountain of knowledge. His erudition and extensive experience greatly enriched the discussions, providing attendees with a rare and profound insight into the tapestry of global economics. 

What is particularly striking about Lord Desai is his ability to seamlessly traverse the worlds of academia and politics, ensuring that scholarly insights are not confined to the halls of universities but find their way into the annals of policy-making. His eloÿuent and informed advocacy has been an invaluable asset in the discourse on economics and wealth management.