OBE Matthew


GOOD Fellows AWARD Recipient, 2023
GOOD Fellows #2023

“Matthew Hurn, with the poise and resilience of an intrepid mariner, navigates the tempestuous waters of global finance. His unyielding tenacity serves as a guiding star. To him, this GOOD Fellows Award is a salute; for he shows us the mettle, determination, and wisdom required to brave the storms.”

Lakshmi Narayanan,
Chairman, Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute

In the sphere of global finance, certain individuals become the standard-bearers of innovation, vision, and positive change. Among these distinguished trailblazers is Matthew Hurn OBE, whose exemplary career as CFO of Disruptive Investments at Mubadala Investment Company has charted new courses in the world of wealth management.

As the custodian of a staggering $270 billion portfolio that stretches across six continents and various sectors, Mr. Hurn’s discerning eye has been pivotal in steering investments toward next-generation companies and technologies.

His three decades of cross-sector international experience, encompassing finance, corporate finance, treasury, and risk management, have fortified him with an exceptional ability to identify, cultivate, and capitalize on opportunities that shape the future.

However, Matthew Hurn’s illustrious career is not merely the story of an astute financier. It is equally a chronicle of a visionary committed to leaving an indelible mark on society. His engagement with early-stage start-ups, as a mentor and investor, reflects a deep-seated desire to foster innovation and drive positive change.

The breadth and depth of his contributions to UK-UAE financial relations earned him the prestigious Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2021. The accolades, however, did not stop there. His recent crowning as a “Good Fellows” at the SWFI Global Wealth Conference is a testimony to his enduring impact as a thought leader and guardian of global wealth.